Saturday, June 6, 2015

Cherry Blossoms At Trinity Park

So I took these pictures back in mid May? I don't even remember anymore, lol. Although the cherry blossoms are all gone now but I never got around to posting these pictures up on my blog until now. Well, better late than never, right? 

Did you know that there are actually cherry blossom trees at Trinity Park on Queen Street West in Toronto? Other than High Park, you can actually see cherry blossoms at the Bellwoods Trinity Park too. I actually like the trees at this park better than the ones in High Park because the trees are much smaller and shorter in size that it is very convenient for taking selfie pictures. XD Not to mention there are way LESS people at this park compared to High Park too so you can hog a whole tree to snap pictures yourself! LOL. I now know where I want to go for cherry blossom sight seeing next year! =D

I couldn't pass on taking a selfie although it was not a very satisfying selfie picture as I look kind of awkward in it but let me explain what happened. So even though I have an awesome phone camera that takes great selfie photos, it was still hard to snap a good photo. Because depending on where I was standing, the sunlight would be shinning directly right into my face and my phone screen becomes SUPER bright that I cannot even see a thing what I was taking a picture of on my screen. Selfie fail much? Lol. I never knew/thought this could be a problem as it was my first time taking actual selfies outside in the sunlight with my Note 4. I snapped so many shots and I swear I felt like I was getting blinded by the super bright white light from the sun and my phone screen. I think this is when I need to pull out my sunglasses. XD Maybe next time I'll master how to properly take good selfies in the daylight without getting blinded! lol. 

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