Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Outfit: Leather Jacket & Skirt

Taking a break from my Japan trip post and doing an outfit post instead which I haven't done in a really long time. I haven't even taken any outfit snaps ever since my trip to Tokyo which was over 7 months ago. Wow, that must have been a new record for me, lol. I miss taking outfit snaps and I want to get back into doing them again.

  • Leopard hood leather jacket from YesStyle
  • White stripe tee from H&M
  • Leather skirt from Forever 21
  • Poker tights from YesStyle
  • Gold and silver spikes boots from Yeswalker
  • Spikes necklace from ebay
  • Gold and silver spikes hat from YesStyle

I call this my badass spiked leather outfit. I'm really into leather and spikes lately. I'm usually known or view as the "sweet girly girl" but I don't think many people know that there is actually a very boyish side to me as well. Such as I am not that afraid of heights, that I would actually watch scary ghost movies alone. I am much stronger and braver than I look. I can also be quite rebellious as well. It's okay to be a bit rebellious in life sometimes for life is too short and who gives a damn what other people think. I just want to be me and wear what I want because for youth does not wait for anyone. So it's okay to just be you! 做人不需要太正經或認真, 有時反壞, 因為青春不會誰以所以喜歡做什麼事就去做, 必要在乎別人怎麼說。最近學懂了去"let it go要太執著一些我無法控制情, 因為這樣做人便更開心! 

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