Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Diet And Eating Healthy

So it didn't occur to me that I have gained SO MUCH weight over the winter due the fact that I do nothing but sit all day everyday! My inactive lifestyle for the past 8 months has put weight on my hips, stomach, arms face and chest. Yes, chest! If you are someone who have always been skinny with a flat chest then you won't understand how weight gain can make someone with an average size chest gain extra fat on their boobies as well. It's the same effect with someone who used to be much bigger and suddenly lost a huge amount of weight will eventually lose their chest and their boobs become smaller. I swear, I feel like my boobies have got two cup size bigger and it is NOT attractive at all! This is when I wish I was flat chested or better yet be a size A. T__T I know it might sound crazy but at least I don't have to deal with all this "fat" issue. Really, I can care less whether I have a chest or not because to me, boobs are just really "extra fat" on your body that I'd rather not want to have. 

So I realized after looking at some recent photos that my face has gotten rounder, my arms have gotten bigger and my chest....ugh, it's just in the way of everything when I'm trying to wear tight clothing or a cute dress. Like boobies can you just disappear from my life?! Lol. You know, at first I thought maybe it's just the angle the pictures are taken, I'm sure they're not what it looks in real person. Do I really look that fat in person like in the pictures? Or you know how they say camera can add on weight where you eventually look a bit chubbier in photos but noooooo, I realize I just cannot deny the fact that I did gain quite some weight and it has become very visible. 

I realize I CANNOT go on like this, so recently I have made some few changes to my diet and lifestyle with exercising since it's the summer and it's warm out for me to jog again.

I'm actually a pretty healthy eater, possibly the most healthy eater I know from all my friends and other people I know. I don't drink pop, eat chocolates, candies, or fastfood very often. I eat them like maybe a few times in a year. I only drink water and I eat fruits and vegetables almost everyday. But as much as eating healthy, it can't get you to stay fit if you don't exercise and especially since age is catching up to me, my body doesn't digest food as great as it used to although my metabolism is still high. =(

A few things I have been doing to change my eating habits...

1. Instead of just drinking plain water, I now start off my morning with a bottle of fruit detox water by adding in some fruits in my water. This really helps to clean your body and I really feel like it has taken affect. My body feels much more clean. On the weekends, I'd also drink a cup of warm green tea when I wake up because green tea is actually really good for you and it helps your body to digest better and increases your metabolism.

2. I used to eat fruits everyday right after each meal like 飯. But my mom has recently told me it's not really healthy to do so as your body doesn't digest it well with all the other food you eat. The best time to eat fruits is actually when your stomach is empty so such as in the morning or during breaks in between your meals when you feel hungry again. So recently I stopped this eating habit of mine to eat fruits right after my meal and eat it before my dinner when I am hungry and I feel like it has made a big difference to my body. I feel less "bloated" and my stomach isn't as big as it used to be compared to when I eat fruits right after my dinner at night. 

Aside from the small changes to my eating habits, I've also added exercise to my routine. I do exercise almost everyday. Arms, stomach, legs and cardio workout. I actually have a lot of time after work and I'd usually sit in front of my computer and watch a drama or show after dinner. But I realize all the sitting is making me gain a lot of weight cuz I also sit for quite long periods at work so now I exercise for an hour each day as I watch my shows. I even ditch doing things like going on facebook and all other social media stuff as it'd require me to sit down for a long period of time and really I just want to reduce the amount of time I spend sitting each day. I also recently got back into jogging and I'm planning to jog at least 3 times a week. This is not just to get my body back into the shape how I want it to be or how it used to be, but it is more of just trying to live a more healthy and active lifestyle. Doing nothing but sit in front of my computer all day everyday has really made my health get worse as I'm starting to have pain in my knees and hips due to sitting for too long and not moving them. 

And then when I look at these pictures, I can't help but think to myself...WHAT HAPPENED?! (இ﹏இ`。)

That's me a few years ago!

So my biggest problem right now is that my arms, chest, and shoulders look so ginormous big that they look so unproportional to the rest of my body. I look soooo manly and I've lost my feminine figure that I wish to have again. T_____T

To motivate myself, I'm just going to stare at these pictures to keep reminding myself what my goal is. Amuro Namie and I have a very similar body frame and structure and not to mention we are very close in height as well. I really like her super well toned and fit body. She's not too skinny and not fat but just perfect and that's what I want to be. I don't want to have skinny chopstick looking arms, I just want well toned and fit arms like her that I used to have. 

Another issue I have is a "bloated stomach". So my stomach actually looks somewhat like Amuro Namie's in the above pictures (it's kind of odd how we both have such similar stomach and waist curves) but it is only like this in the morning when I wake up. My stomach is the flattest in the morning but it doesn't stay flat throughout the day. As soon as I start to eat something, it gets bloated like as if I'm 3 months pregnant and I just want it to stay flat ALL DAY! My stomach used to be able to stay somewhat flat throughout the day but I don't know what happened recently. Perhaps it's the change of weather or maybe it's just I'm very  and need to detox more. I really don't know but it really bothers me cuz I don't want to look like I'm 3 months pregnant when I'm not! (╥ᆺ╥;)

One thing that doesn't seem to change no matter how much weight I gain is my legs always stay slim. Although I have noticed my upper thighs seem to have gotten slightly bigger than before. I want to tone them down just a bit so I can have killer legs like Amuro Namie. XD I'm probably not far off from obtaining her legs but her legs are just the perfection! 

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is I'm not trying to become stick thin, I just want to live a more healthier lifestyle and regain my fit body figure again from before. It's not too good to look overly too thin and I know I can never be that way because my body just isn't built to look anorexic or super thin. I just want a fit and well toned body, don't we all? =P Some people are lucky where they are born with a skinny body and never gain weight no matter how much they eat. I ENVY THESE PEOPLE! It will mean I can eat as much cake and ice cream as I want and not have to worry about my figure or weight. And some people (like me) who aren't so lucky will have to work for it to obtain that ideal body that we want. >__<

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