Saturday, August 8, 2015

Daiso Purchases From Japan

DAISO! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE shopping there?! We need a Daiso in Toronto. Everything there is just sooooo amazing and super cute! I could seriously shop at Daiso everyday and not get bored. The one located in Harajuku on Takeshita-Dori Street is a must visit. It is really huge with 4 floors. I bought a lot of stuff there because everything is only just 100 yen so I don't have to feel guilty spending my money away. Some stuff I bought there I have already used and and eaten (food) so I don't have pictures to show them. But here are some things I brought back with me from my Japan trip. I bought a lot of bentox box and bento making utensils because I wanted to make some really cute bento box recipes that I saw through YouTube and tumblr. I can't wait to start making some beno box lunches! =D

Bought these super cute hangers to hang my clothes so that they would not stretch my clothes out when I hang them. Aren't they so cute? Only 100 yen for 2! I wanted to buy more of them but I had no more luggage space to bring them back. Next time I'll buy 4 more racks of them! XD

Also bought these vacuums bags that suck all the air from your clothes to flatten them out so you can have more storage space in your luggage. They are a must have travel item! 

Also got these super cute Mickey Mouse laundry bags! 

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