Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Outfit: White Off-Shoulder Top Flower Theme

It's summer and I have been loving wearing all white and white themed clothes. They're just soooo much lighter and cooler compared to wearing dark colours like black where I'll be burning in the sun! But as much as I would like to wear white more in the summer, there are days when I can't such as when I'm on my period and I'm reverted to wearing black bottoms again. -___- It sucks even more when my period usually last for as long as two weeks so there are so few little days when I can actually wear white top and bottom in the summer. I really like this outfit. It's just so summer and with the flowers hair clip and earrings I'm wearing, I look like I'm ready to go on a vacation to Hawaii or Bali! lol. 

Here are some outfit details of what I'm wearing and where I got them. 

White off-shoulder top from YesStyle
White rose print skirt from H&M
Beige cross band sandals from YesStyle
Flower earrings from Smart Set
Flower hair clip (souvenir gift from a friend in Hawaii)

I also wore this new pink lipstick from revlon that I got from Shoppers Drugmart over the x'mas holiday season sale. I really like it. It really gives my lips a pop or colour and also makes me look more "" lol. I normally don't wear lipstick but I'm starting to like lipstick more as it really defines your face especially when you smile. I want to try and explore more different looks with different lipstick colours. ( ˘ ³˘)♥

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