Thursday, August 13, 2015

Odaiba: Rainbow Bridge

ODAIBA! Please take me back to this most beautiful place in Tokyo. Going to Odaiba and seeing the Rainbow bridge night view has to be one of the most memorable experience on my first Japan trip! I have always dreamed of seeing this beautiful view that I often see in Japanese dramas, music videos, and TV shows. I don't think pictures or video can totally capture the beauty of the view in Odaiba and the Rainbow bridge at night. It is simply so gorgeous and beautiful in real life! I could sit here for a whole night admiring this view and all its beauty. 

How to get to Odaiba:

1. Take the JR train to Shimbashi station
2. Exit out from Shimbashi station and go up the escalators to board the Yurikamome Line train on the other side of the station on the upper level 
3. Take the Yurikamome Line train and get off at Daiba station if you want to see the rainbow bridge and Fuji TV Building

Also a good advice to note down when you ride the Yurikamome Line train. If you want to record the whole train ride and view of Odaiba, be sure to board on the first cart on the train so that you are at the very front of the train. I recorded a video of myself boarding the train to Odiaba and back to Shimbashi station. 

AQUA CITY mall. I didn't get a chance to shop at this mall when I visited Odaiba. I only shopped at the DiverCity mall and Venus Fort. There are simply too many malls and places to shop at in Odaiba. Next time I will definitely go into Aqua City mall! =)

In Odaiba, there is actually a really big statue of the liberty in the middle near the Rainbow brdige. Doesn't this view kind of looks and remind you of like New York? Lol. it is Tokyo's little version of New York. XD I attempted to take some selfies in front of the statue of the liberty but it was SO WINDY that day that my hair was always blown into my face and I look like a crazy old lady so I gave up on taking pictures. Odaiba is actually a lot colder than Tokyo so make sure you bring at least a jacket with you, which I did not bring with me and I was sooooo cold! (>___<)o

View of Rainbow bridge during the day. I love the little clock statue down at the dockside. Just imagine a romantic scene from a Japanese drama where the main characters are walking along the lake, lol. 

I don't know what this is. Some kind of Japanese ancient structure? I thought it was interesting so I took a picture of it. Very touristy of me, lol. 

Night view of the back and front of Fuji TV Building. 

I spent sooooo much time in front of the Rainbow Bridge snapping pictures at different angles and views and even recorded a video. It is soooooooooo pretty in real life. I almost didn't want to leave this beautiful sight! (♥ω♥*)

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