Saturday, October 10, 2015

Asakusa: Sensoji Temple, Nakamise Shopping, Tokyo Skytree, Asahi Beer Tower

ASAKUSA! If you want to experience what historical Japan is like in Tokyo then Asakusa would be best place to visit. You can visit the old reconstructed Sensoji Temple and walk around in the Nakamise Shopping Street where there are many food and souvenir stands selling traditional Japanese stuff such as yukata, fans, artwork, pouches, charms and etc. I would recommend going to Asakusa and then walk to the Tokyo Skytree tower which is literally about 15-20 minutes walk away. 

Kaminari Gate.

At Asakusa you can find all kinds of really cute traditional Japanese goods such as charms at an inexpensive price. Great place to shop for souvenirs for family and friends! 

There is also an endless amount of local Japanese sweets and snacks that you can find here at a really affordable price. So many cute and unique snacks to choose from. I wanted to buy all of them! 

And for all the Yamapi fans out there. Don't forget to visit the food stand located in the middle alley of the Nakamise Shopping Street that sells Yamapi's favourite spicy chili pepper senbei crackers. 

In front of the Sensoji Temple, there is this huge incense burner with burning incense and people would crowd over and try to get the ash smokes from the incense over their head for some "good luck". XD

There is also a water fountain with a historical statue where you can wash your hands with the holy water and it is also said to bring you good luck as well. 

You can also pay 100 yen to get a good luck fortune. My number was 54! And I don't really know if I got a good or bad fortune since I can't read Japanese to know what it says, lol. 

If you get a bad luck fortune, you can hang it on the chain so your back luck will not follow you, lol. 

DANGO! I can eat tons of these. 

Nakamise Shopping Street.

Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center. The center was opened in 2012 and the eight story building offers a counter providing tourist information in multiple languages, free wifi connectivity, a cafe, and an observation deck which provides good views looking onto Sensoji Temple and the Nakamise Shopping Street. I didn't go into the building since I didn't really need any tourist information as I already pretty much know my way around Asakusa from doing research and the whole area is pretty easy to navigate, lol. 

Asakusa station.

You can spot the Tokyo Skytree from afar in Asakusa and it was really close. I walked there by foot in about 20 minutes. 

Sumida River. You can go on a water bus cruise around the river for sightseeing. I'd recommend going on this at night as it is a much more better view with the Tokyo Skytree light up along with the city lights. 

Asahi Beer Tower! 

How to get to Asakusa:

1. From Shinjuku station, take the JR Chuo Line to Kanda Station
2. Transfer to the Ginza Subway Line for Asakusa and get off at Asakusa station. 

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