Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tokyo Tower

TOKYO TOWER! It is such a beautiful and romantic tower. I consider it to be the most romantic tower in the world! Maybe because I'm biased because I have always had a love for Tokyo Tower due to seeing it in Japan travel shows, anime, movies and dramas. But it was simply so pretty in person that I was so struck by its beauty. I visited the tower at night for the very first time but I would actually like to go back to visit it again in the future during the day. I read that on special events and times of the year the tower does illumination light shows such as during Christmas, cherry blossom season and new years. I'd love to go back to it again to experience it during those times. (*^▽^*)

Really cute Tokyo Tower mascot characters in front of the entrance.

It was around Halloween when I visited Tokyo so the main floor was decorated it with Halloween decorations. 

Mori Tower! I have yet to go on this tower. I want to go on all the high places in Tokyo to look at the city. So far Skytree Tower and Tokyo Tower are off my list. =)

The famous " Tokyo Starfish". In Japan, they call this cross skyline the Tower Tokyo simply because it kind of resembles the tower in appearance. It is actually a really pretty view in person watching the cars drive by and the beautiful orange lights.

View of Odaiba from the Tokyo Tower!

The glass floor and my foot, lol. I walked on it because I'm not afraid of heights. =P

This was a special pink limited edition of the Tokyo Tower made out of diamonds. It was soooooo pretty and sparkly in person! I would have loved to buy it home but it is too big so I bought the small pink key chain version of it instead.

More halloween decorations up on the observation deck. Halloween decorations in Japan are sooooo cute. (▰˘v˘▰)

At the bottom of the tower, there was this lights illuminations walkway that you could walk through and it was sooo pretty! I recorded a video of myself walking through the whole thing. 

My Tokyo Tower tickets that I bought. There are two observatory decks that you can go up to, the main observatory and the special observatory up 250m high and I went to both! Admission fare is also really cheap. Only 900 yen (about $9 CAD) for the main observatory and you pay 700 yen ($7 CAD) more to go up the special observatory.

How to get to Tokyo Tower:

1. Take the JR train to Hamamatsucho Station 
2. Exit from the North exit
3. You will see the Tokyo Tower from afar when you walk out the station and just walk straight in the direction of the tower and you'll be there in about 15 minutes!

Merchandises that I bought from the Tokyo Tower.

Limited Tokyo Tower edition of Doraemon key chain straps! 

I also bought a Tokyo Tower clock (blue version) because the red version was sold out and this Tokyo Tower light stand that lights up and changes into different colours. 

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