Saturday, October 31, 2015

Blog Goals And Japan

Today I wanted to talk about my blog goals and Japan. I originally started this blog as a personal diary to document my life and my my fashion style so that I can look back on it years later and be able to say to myself, "oh so that's how I used to dress at this particular time in my life" or "this is what I did that year" but recently I have wanted to expand my blog focusing more on fashion, beauty, and Japan. 

Ever since at a young age at 12 years old, I have always had a love and passion for Japan and my love grew much stronger as I got older. I love Japan sooooo much that one of my biggest dream goals in life is to travel to all the prefectures and cities in Japan. I'm slowly making this dream come true as I do have plans to visit Japan again in February 2016 where I'll be traveling to 4 different cities. But as much as I would love to travel to Japan as many times as possible on my own, it is costly to do so. Therefore, I hope to be able to travel to Japan more through sponsors and contests. If there is one dream job that I would want to do then it'd be to become a travel ambassador where I get to travel all of Japan and blog about it as a career and make a living from it. I want to be able to share and blog about all the places I have been to in Japan on my blog with people who also share the same love and passion for the country as I do.

To be honest, I once thought of giving up on blogging when my old domain expired and I couldn't renew. I lost a huge amount of visitors and I am slowly gaining back the traffic that I used to have. But it was also Japan that got me back into blogging again because I have just returned back from my first trip to Tokyo at the time and I wanted to blog about my travel adventures on my blog. I purchased a new domain and made sure that I'd renew it on time so that it'll never expire again. 

Another thing I wanted to focus on was expanding my blog to get more traffic and visitors. Since my old domain have expired, I have been thinking of ways to regain the amount of traffic that I used to have which is about 1500-2000 visitors per month. I know it may not seem like a lot compared to other famous/popular bloggers out there who get over 10,000 visitors per day but I can only do the best that I can. I don't know if it shows through my blog posts but I do put in a lot of time and effort into every blog post that I make, especially my Japan blog posts. But perhaps what I need is to give my blog more exposure for it to grow. I don't really advertise my blog anywhere on any social media sites and I have been thinking that I should. So lately I have been working on a facebook page for my blog that will hopefully help me promote my blog to gain more traffic. I also did a blog interview with a sweet and lovely blogger from Turkey who have asked to feature my blog and as well as translate some of my blog posts into Turkish. You can read my blog interview here and two blog post she did on my favourite brands from YesStyle. Thank you so much for introducing my blog to your readers from Turkey. =)  

Aside from that, here are some things I would like to do more of on my blog.

Write more blog posts about Japan. 
I can blog about Japan for an eternity as there are simply too many things to talk about the country. I'll be posting more about my Japan adventures as I travel there and as well as helpful travel guide tips for my readers. I want to be able to build a resource blog where people from all over the world can visit to find helpful information on Japan. Whether it be about transportation, food, shopping, etc. I have only been to Japan once and there are still a lot of things and places I have yet to discover but I hope to be able to share what I do know with people who have never visited the country and have always dreamed of visiting one day or who is visiting for the first time. I love talking to people and sharing my own knowledge about Japan when it comes to planning itineraries and places to visit and I'd be more than likely to give my own personal suggestions and tips. 

Create more video posts.
So a few years back, I actually tried creating videos on YouTube but I just felt like it wasn't for me and I gave up on the idea soon after. But what I discovered recently is that I do have an interest in making videos, just not the type where I sit in front of the camera and talk. I want to create short movie films and travel vlogs such as the ones I have created for my Tokyo trip. My best creation so far has got to be the one of Tokyo Tower and I want to continue to make more. Maybe I'll even include some daily life vlogs of interesting places I go to in the city of Toronto and not just only in Japan.  

Do more makeup/beauty product reviews.
This has always been something I wanted to do more on my blog but it is also the most time consuming. I bought a lot of skincare and makeup stuff back from Japan from my trip but I never got around to do any reviews for them. So in the new up coming year, I would like to focus working on doing more makeup/beauty product reviews on my blog. 

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