Sunday, January 13, 2013

Japanese Music: Yamapi EROP Live Tour 2012 Concert DVD

I didn't get around to blog about this awesome DVD because I actually didn't receive it in the mail until after the new year on January 2nd. If you didn't follow me previously in the past and you are a new follower or is reading my blog for the first time, then you might not have know that I am a JE fan - specifically a Yamapi fan. In fact I have been a fan of him for 7 years now

I do not regret discovering Yamapi and entering this crazy fandom that one cannot seem to get out of it once they're in it. It's an addictive drug I tell you, lol! I've met many wonderful people all over the world because of him. There are even some who I have developed a good relationship and friendship with. I am very happy to have to met every one of these awesome and amazing people who share the love for the same idol as I do! =)

Yamapi is more than just an idol to me. He's an inspiration and someone who I truly admire and look up to. He may not be the greatest actor, the best singer or the most amazing entertainer out there. His imperfections and flaws are what makes him as a normal human being just like us. He makes mistakes, feel insecure and need guidance with directions of where he wants to be in life. And although he may not be good at doing what he does but his passion and determination in his work is what's so admirable about him. Seeing him work so hard to make his dreams come true motivates me to try and work hard to make my own dreams come true as well. And the fact that I've been a fan for so long, it's like as if we've been growing, learning and walking down this life journey together that we are closely connected in some way even though we live half a world apart from each other. To be able to witness the growth of your most favourite idol and to grow old together is simply a bliss. I'd like to continue on this journey for as long as Yamapi exists in this world. And someday, I'd really like to attend his concert live (although I am uncertain if it will ever happen) and now that he's a solo artist, it should be much easier. I'm sorry but when he was still in NEWS and doing concerts with them, I always only had eyes for Yamapi, lol. So now that's he's a solo artist, it just makes my life much easier to focus solely on him. XD 

And some other items that I bought in the year of 2012 just because I have way too much money to spend because I cannot ever get enough of him! 

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