Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Valentine's Day Outfit: Girly Sexy

This is going to be a new fashion series that I'll be doing on my blog from now on until the end of February where I'll be showing different outfits that you can wear on Valentine's Day. Each outfit will have a different theme to inspire and give you ideas of what to wear on a Valentine's Day date out. Whether if you celebrate this special love holiday or not, I personally believe a girl can always dress up and look pretty even if it's not for a special occasion to celebrate with a loved one. You can also dress up to go to a party or to a girls night out romantic dinner with some girl friends. 

The first outfit I'll be showing you is a "girly sexy" outfit that you can wear to a romantic dinner night out. 

Note: You don't have to follow exactly what I'm wearing but this is just more of my own personal style of how I'd wear this outfit. You can feel free to change anything with things you have in your wardrobe to create a similar look or a complete different one. 

I'm wearing a white tube flower print layered dress with a pair of long lace black gloves for the sexy and elegant look. I also added a black bow lace belt for a tighter waist line as the dress is pretty flowy on its own and can make your stomach/waist appear rather big, lol. I think the bow belt also adds a more "cute" element to the outfit as well.

And because this is a Valentine's Day outfit, I decided to go for a more "valentine's romantic" theme at the bottom with these black heart print stocking and a pair of classic black pumps to complete this whole girly but yet sexy look. 

As for earrings, I just kept it pretty simple with these black diamonds girl figure studs that are pretty classy and elegant looking. 

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