Wednesday, January 9, 2013

ViVi February 2013 Scans

I'm quite busy this week so I wasn't able to take any outfit snaps. However, I do have a lot of outfits planned in mind that I'm really excited to blog about. I just need some time to take pictures and write about them.

So for now I'll share some of my favourite scans from ViVi February 2013

Love these street mix fashion coordinates. It makes me want to reconnect with the "tomboy" personality of me that has been lost for quite some years now. While I do like the girly side of me but sometimes I want to be more rough and reckless than the usual "sweet girly" image that I'm more drawn towards to. 

I always like these spreads in magazines where they show you how to create different looks and outfits with just one top. It goes to show that you really don't need to buy whole a lot of clothes to create new looks. It's all about recycling trends and mixing old items with new ones which is also a rule that I always go buy whenever I shop. Before I buy an item, I always think about what I already have in my closet that I can mix it match it with and how many different and other ways I can style the top/bottom with. It really helps when you don't have money to buy new clothes all the time or you don't feel like spending a fortune just on one season's worth of clothes. 

Spring hits for 2013! Looks like pastel colours, stripes and print dresses will be a big hit this spring. Girly but yet fun coordinates that are totally suitable for the spring weather. 

Rola and her cuteness is too much to handle! I totally love the photoshoot of her eating fries and being silly at the fastfood restaurant. lol.

Kick/Sneaker wedges are on the popular trend and is also something I've been eyeing on for quite some time now. Which is a great time for me to purchase a pair because I need to replace my puma runners that I've had for about 6-7 years now that are old and worn out with holes. XD

ENA MATSUMOTO! The producer of the brand EMODA. I love her brand and the clothes that she produces! She also has AMAZING fashion style. I stalk her religiously on instagram and her personal blog, lol. 

And the leather trends continues! There's even leather overalls too.

Super adorable sweet girly outfits. I'd buy everything if I could and Reina Triendl is extremely cute in these scans. I first knew of her from watching Cartoon KAT-TUN where she goes on a date with Junno and Jin. I'm actually really surprised to see her featured in ViVi as she's quite young! But I guess it's also a nice change from the usual models we see in ViVi all the time such as Rola and Lena Fujii. I hope she gets featured more because she seems like a cute and sweet girl! =)

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