Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentine's Day Outfit: Girly Cute

For the second Valentine's Day outfit, I'm basically wearing the same layered tube dress that I wore in the first outfit with just a few changes and here we have a complete whole different look from girly sexy to girly cute. I think this theme personally suits me much better than the first one. Sexy is just not something I can pull off well and especially when I have this innocent baby face that doesn't seem to ever want to grow up for the more mature look. Maybe when I finally reach 30, my face would gradually catch up to my age, lol. Although I would honestly want to hold on to my youth and innocence forever and never let go! XD

I used a pink ribbon to wrap around my waist for a tighter waist line. It would be much cuter if I had a skinny pink bow belt though and the whole outfit would have been more perfect! A Perfectionist will always be a perfectionist. lol. 

Full body snap shot in really low quality. It's always so hard for me to take a full body clear shot with the iPhone in good quality due to lighting problems. ~(>_<~)

I paired the dress up with this white heart print stocking and a pair of cute pink pumps for a romantic sweet and cute look. (♡^▽^♡)

For accessories, I'm wearing this keys and heart lock charm bracelet that I got from GUESS that goes perfectly well with the "girly cute" theme that I have set for this outfit look. 。◕‿◕。

For earrings, I'm wearing this really pretty and cute heart lock and key with two big pearls which actually matches with the bracelet I'm wearing. 

And I just realized that everything that I am wearing in this outfit actually has the colour pink including my iPhone case. A super cute, girly and sweet look from head to toe! lol. 

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