Wednesday, April 8, 2015

KitKat Chocolatory Store in Seibu Ikebukuro

Did you know that there is a KitKat store in Japan? In fact it is actually the world's first KitKat store! When I first heard about it, I was beyond excited to visit the place. Japan is known for having the MOST different flavours of KitKat in the world. There is like over 100+ different flavours sold within Japan. Being such a huge KitKat fan myself I just had to visit the store. The store is located in the basement of the Seibu department mall in Ikebukuro which is also connected with Ikebukuro station. There is also a second store in Tokyo station as well. The store only sells 4 different flavours of KitKat bars which changes every season. I was hoping to be able to buy the sakura (cherry blossom) green tea flavour but they didn't have it at the time when I visited the store. The flavours they had for sale was strawberry maple, cream cheese, dark chocolate and green tea and kinako. I bought a few boxes of each flavour and my favourite would have to be the cream cheese and green tea and kinako! 

While you que in line to buy the chocolates, there is a display of the "history" of KitKat bars, lol. 

Each box is quite pricey sold at 400 yen in which you get 4 small packaged KitKat bars. I think the sleek packaging perhaps makes the price a little expensive than the ones sold at the convenience stores. But to be honest, I think the ones sold at the convenience stores would be much more worth it as you get more KitKats for almost the same price. These would make a great souvenir though as they are nicely packed in a luxury box. 

There is also a special flavour with ice cream of grilled pudding KitKats served with "premium" soft ice cream and only limited to the first 300 customers sold for 600 yen each and you would have to go to the store and line up super early to get them. Sadly, my friend and I were not there early enough to try it. =(

The entrance to Seibu connected from Ikebukuro station. 

Random snaps of cute desserts, cakes, macarons, tea and biscuits. Ah, I wish could eat and buy all of them! 

This is what the Seibu department mall looks like from the outside. The whole entire basement lower floor is full of food stands with many Japanese sweets that would be a great place to shop for souvenirs!

How to get to the KitKat Chocolatory Store: The store is in the basement of the south side at B2 level and it is all the way at the back corner of Seibu's basement. 

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