Friday, April 3, 2015

Japan Haul: Makeup, Hair & Beauty Products

Finally a post on what I bought in Japan. I actually didn't buy as much as I have expected. There are a few things I wish I have bought more of but I'll have to wait until my next trip to Japan to get them. 

Hair products I bought. There were a few hair products that I wanted to buy but I couldn't find them at the drugstores I went to.  Here's a list the items from left to right:

  • Kao Essential damage honey shea butter intensive hair treatment mask
  • Kao hair spray cape style lock (mini bottle)
  • Kao Essential dramage-care hair serum
  • Kao Essential damage-care treatment milk
  • Oleo D'or glossy finish botanical oil treatment for moisture
  • Oleo D'or glossy finish botancial oil shampoo for moisture
  • Lucido-L designing aqua hair curl lotion
  • Kao hair spray cape style lock 

I LOVE this hair shampoo and hair treatment! Will need to go back to Japan and buy more of these!

Skincare products from top left to bottom right:

  • Bifesta eye makeup remover
  • Bifesta face makeup remover (bright up and moist)
  • SK-II facial treatment essence lotion
  • Allie face and body sunscreen
  • Shiseido perfect whip cleansing foam

Makeup products! Most stuff I bought are really cheap especially the canmake makeup items. And yes, I went a bit crazy on buying different brands and types of mascaras, lol. Items from top left to bottom right:

  • Canmake cover & stretch concealer UV
  • Canmake perfect serum bb cream light
  • Canmake perfect serum bb cream
  • Coffret D'or smile up cheeks blush in peach 
  • Canmake cheek brush
  • Canmake eye nuance sweet rose
  • Canmake eye nuance golden kuchen
  • Canmake perfect sytlist eyes gateau framboise
  • Canmake perfect stylist eyes pinky chocolat
  • Canmake perfect stylist eyes lady beige
  • Candy doll pink lipstick 
  • Majorca majolica lash espander edge meister (brown)
  • Majorca majolica lash espander edge meister (black)
  • Majorca majolica lash king (black)
  • Kiss Me Heroine make long and curl mascara
  • Kiss Me Heroine make volume and curl mascara
  • Majorca majolica lash enamel glamour volume on
  • Canmake quick lash curler
  • Canmake clear coat mascara
  • Canmake glitter powder frosty clear
  • Canmake lighting liquid eyes 
  • Sailormoon miracle romance white pencil eyeliner

Minnie Mouse and D.UP eyelashes! I have been saving them to use only for special occasions. 

Japanese bath salts and face and foot masks! I finished using all the face masks already and I wish I had bought more foot masks. I was having so much fun buying different Japanese bath salts because they're so cheap! You can buy some for as cheap as 60 yen! I also miss taking baths at the hotel in Tokyo with the big and deep bath tubs. (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

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